Lying young woman with closed eyes receiving electric darsonval facial massage after procedure at beauty salon.

High Frequency                           $10

 When performing a Direct high frequency facial, both the client and the therapist must have removed all jewelry and metal on themselves. A moisturizing or massage cream is applied thickly and evenly all over the face and chin and then a gauze face mask is placed smoothly over the face. The face mask must be flat against the skin otherwise it may cause the electrode to spark the skin. The electrode is then turned on, and is moved in slow circular motions around your face covering the whole surface of the skin.


Service Duration

 oily skin your treatment will go for 8-10 minutes

dry skin your treatment will go for 4-5 minutes.

Sparking, which is where a pen like electrode is used to quickly and painlessly zap any pimples, the therapist will  tap the spot 4-6 times